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Great number Toby - best I see is 127
Phinisee still out for Indiana. They are the better team but I get the spread being low with it being their first road game, they have couple freshman who get big minutes, they never win in Kohl, etc. looks like an ugly game on paper.


TYVM Morgan William!!!

Starting somewhat soon

Anthony Joshua to win in Rounds 10-12...........+750

O/U for the bout is O7.5 -130 and Joshua by TKO/KO/DG is -130. So I'll hope that happens about 5 minutes after bout goes OVER the Round Total

Updated: Palace played to a 0-0 Draw so +0.25 is a 0.50 winner
Winkyduck 591-806-45 +6.91 UNITS (Dolphins to have NFL's Worst Record +200; Brighton to be Relegated +185; Sunderland to Win League One +400; Chase Young to be the #1 Overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft +200; Vegas Knights to win the West +550; (t)RUMP to NOT be the 2020 Repub POTUS Nominee +500)
1701 georgia state mercer over 72 1h -110 westgate

posted this accidently in the friday best bet. don't worry. mercer is 0-11 at home at the under 12 media timeout. I'll take the loss.

My only hope is they go 0 for the half.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Good luck, Wink.

And thanks for the heads-up on the start time.
Sadly - went the distance

Winkyduck 591-807-45 +5.91 UNITS (Dolphins to have NFL's Worst Record +200; Brighton to be Relegated +185; Sunderland to Win League One +400; Chase Young to be the #1 Overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft +200; Vegas Knights to win the West +550; (t)RUMP to NOT be the 2020 Repub POTUS Nominee +500)
>Posting on Saturday for Sunday spot for Sunday night game...
Sunday, December 8, 2019 A.D.—30 Vegas Golden Knights -198 (Pinnacle) 🐦

7 pm EST/4 pm PST (TVA, ATTSN)God rest ye merry gentlemen may let nothing you dismay, remember Dink our Savior was born on Christmas Day. The last time I lost a pick in this thread—about an hour ago—I believe that Richard M. Nixon was still the US President and JK was just a tickle in his pappy’s sack. And the last pick that lost before a healthy Winning Streak was the fucking New York Rangers (14-11-3) who did me dirty on the frozen Water, upsetting the Road-hot Caps, so best beware of this NHL Pick and any perceived Hometown emotional pull for the Vegas Golden Knights (15-11-5).

But why VGK on the Lord’s Day? Jesus of Nazareth didn’t own ice skates. It’s because the EPL and NFL schedules stink, stank, stunk and the NBA is a treacherous market laden with Bad Beats and Point Spreads that can be erased in seconds by tall men in brightly colored shorts playing no Defense making Losses from bets that should be Wins and Wins and vice versa. So until I have a Pepto-Bismol Drip, I shan't dabble in the Needlessly Being Aggravated league as low-scoring Sports are where the Logic can be found and seem like the best breeding ground for “not losing.” Betting Basketball seems like being the Ping Pong ball although we should all be used it now. You know.

So in Paradise, Nevada at the sexy T-Mobile Arena on Sunday evening, the Golden Knights will face the Broadway Blueshirts and the Home crowd should provide an edge to a Western Conference team now Confident and slowly creeping up the standings. The lackluster start may have helped VGK by awakening them for this heart of the NHL Regular Season and the team is now really playing as a unit and just proved it can win on the Road (8-6-2 on Road).

Al Einstein and Al Bell (sort of) invented the Nuclear Bomb and the Phone and now we all have to worry about our silly Orange President tweeting on Bell’s invention so as not to get the one Einstein’s math gave us (the bomb) up the backdoor sans lubricado from the Crazy Little Man in the Jumpsuit half a globe away. They always chirp, “May you live in interesting times.” Enough “interesting.” Can we go please back to what it was before we forgot what we were doing here in the first place? It was better when we weren’t all subject of the whims of Madmen with Smartphones and egos the size of Kellyanne Conjob’s forehead.

When these two met earlier this season at MSG, Max Pacioretty (26 points), William Karlsson (17 assists), Reilly Smith (12 goals), Jonathan Marchessault and VGK skated to a 4-1 victory as Alex Tuch has 2 goals and Golden Knights backup G Malcom Subban was superb in net (29 Saves on 30 Shots). The series Trends aren’t Trends yet really with VGK just expanding into the NHL in 2017, but VGK is 4-1 lifetime vs the Rangers, averaging 3.6 gpg to NY’s 2.6 gpg with the Rangers lone Win coming in OT. There should be Goals on Sunday night.

VGK has scored 4 goals (exactly) in 4 of the 5 lifetime meetings—and have W3 4traight vs the Rangers—losing 6-4 in the first meeting ever between the two on Jan 11, 2017 at MSG. Hey, how’s a dude named “Kelly” not Irish? Perhaps our fearless leader is a Grey Alien although I have seen him eat Human Food at Blueberry Hill and Sammy's Woodfired Pizza. Our boy Dink is definitely from another planet. Hockey. Horses, Wrestling, a hallowed Hamster and Hair like Howard Stern? And becasue he prefers burnt pizza over pizza-pizza, Dink may not be an Earthling. Bruce Willis obviously didn’t see that part in his character study.

One of the biggest elements of this Handicap (47.3% Art, 46.6% Science, 6.1% Cholula®) is how good VGK has been playing of late (6-2-2 L10), despite G Marc-André Fleury missing some Starts (5?) due to Illness although Rotowire reports it was Personal. Anyway, a child came up to me in the Smith’s parking lot on Wednesday and asked, “Mr. Scott, how do you hit 13 straight picks?” And I said, “Junior, first of all, my last name is ‘Stott’ and not ‘Scott.’ And secondly, and most importantly, I haven’t eaten an In-N-Out burger in well over 7 years, so my Blood is clear and clean, son. Now go bet some chalks.”

Golden Knights 4 Rangers 3
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