EOG's Best Bet thread for Thursday, January 16


TYVM Morgan William!!!

528 Clippers -12 +109

Magic went all out and beat the Lakers last night. Now B2B. PG13 probably not playing. Won't need him here. This one might get ugly
Rare regular be best bet with write up. Tennessee ended the Brady dynasty on the road by completely shutting him down in the 2nd half. Tennessee beat the be best team in the National Football Entertainment league on the road and shut down the NFLe MVP mobile to the point I lost my over when it was 90%. Kansas City and Mahomes were exposed by the Taxans and only sucked out because of their idiot coach and a defense that collapsed under the pressure. There will be no suckout Sunday. Oh Henry is going to continue his beast mode romp to the Super Show and my boy Tannehill is going to start revealing himself as the Chosen Won. I worry about the over again but there is no doubt. There is no doubt who wins.

Tennessee +284, 5Dimes
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>Posting on Thursday for Thursday spot for Thursday night game...
Thursday, January 16—1654 Grand Canyon 1st Half -9½ -110 (Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

8:05 pm EST/5:05 pm PST—We bet, therefore we must exist and not be some beings without Free Will who are part of some game written by some grand Code Writer in the Sky. How else does a Human Bean justify getting into a little tin box and driving 87.3 mph like Mario Andretti in his fucking prime to plop down 2 pieces of Green Paper with dead president’s faces on them to get 2 smaller pieces of White Computer Paper that have the words “Vermont” implanted upon them by ye Lord Computer? No Computer Simulation created by any God® or other Lucky Man Who Made The Grade would have its little Ants wasting their Ant Time pulling for something called a “Catamount”” and not them? Best recognize, Jimmy Bob.

Chicago State (4-15 SU) is back home in the Windy City tonight to play Grand Canyon (5-11 SU) at the Jones Convocation Center and this line sits at -17 almost everywhere Offshore but can be found at -16½ Onshore, here in Sin City at the world’s largest and best book, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook where I plopped $55 on the First Half and $55 on the Full Game (-16½).

The First Half line is (Grand Canyon minus) 9½ and that’s the Pick we’ll make for Thursday and switch the Leicester City Pick from Thursday’s slot to Friday. Cougars faders have W5 straight ATS in 58-, 21-, 32- and 24-point blowouts and CSU failed to cover ATS in the 1H of all five of those games with many bad starts and many spurts against them.

Against Grand Canyon, Chicago State is 0-4 SU and ATS the L4, losing by scorelines of 90-59, 80-46, 89-55 and 86-58 in games the Antelopes led at Half by 28 (51-23), 17 (43-26), 9 (36-27) and 19 (40-21), so recent history shows fading CSU here should be Automatic.

Grand Canyon shot 57.4% from the Field the last time these two WAC schools met last Millennium. I fear I am addicted to the Long Dash, The Weather Channel and Cholula. Ahh princess on a steeple and all the pretty people, they're all drinking, thinking that they've got it made. Exchanging all precious gifts, but you better take your diamond ring, you better pawn it babe.

Grand Canyon 87 Chicago State 62