EOG's Best Bet thread for Thursday, March 26

>Posting Thursday for Friday spot for nothing...
Friday, March 27, 2020 C.V.—Do Absolutely Nothing -217 (Bets "Я" Us) 🌸

2:11 pm EDT/11:11 am PDT—When the world is running down you make the best of what’s still around. Thank 1 we still have eog and a Forum here in which to share our Thoughts and Fears in this scary Movie That Isn’t A Movie where even the Screenwriters die. Who knows when the next Game that matters will be played or in what Sport, but to simply know there are kindred spirits when the House is on Fire is something to hold on to at this point in Time, right? Maybe not.

I am quite sure if the Aliens or God were able to save us, They/She would have done so already, so best to take Responsibility for our own Lives from this point moving forward because I never thought there would be a day where I would value a can of Lysol® more than I would a Futures bet. Welcome to The Future, I am here Now. Perhaps Lysol is the new Bitcoin? Time will tell. It does kill Coronavirus the label tells me while I can still see.

We will laugh now while we still can before The Grim Reaper comes driving up in a purple Volvo for Uber Eats Bubba, possibly delivering some Virus with our Tacos and Dr. Pepper. Drats. The source of one’s potential Death has never been so sinister, quick and impossible to identify. We could find out where and how and from maybe what infected Patient 0, but He is probably as dead as a doorknob and there was/is probably a Patient -1. And so on.

Animals are really lucky they aren’t smart enough to know what’s going on. Please look out for the unknowing Animals and Children and the Elderly like John Kelly's always done for our boy Bobby the Owl. JK is definitely a Buddha. He knows Compassion is Free and what the payback is. Some Bets always Win.

The World keeps on turning and for the first time I can ever remember, there is absolutely nothing to write about or pick. It’s scary. I shall not write about NFL Futures. FTW. So now we can all read good Books or watch great Movies or TV or Clean or Sleep or do nothing or do something. Turning off the TV and/or the Computer for long periods is always soothing for me.

So Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, FL may be the last place Lord Gamblor will frequent before the Asteroid hits or the Aliens return or whatever fits your personal narrative and we may just have to pretend that the Florida Derby is March Madness. Oh well. When tha shit goes down ya better be ready.

It’s really weird down here when Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip are silent, many Hospitals are lit up and at capacity and every Sports league on Earth has gone dark as tens of millions of people in the USA now shelter in their homes in an effort to stifle and/or avoid what seems like a mass invisible wave of potential Death. May you live in interesting times? No. I fear the Fall.

It seems strange that Florida is still racing at that track, but I have seen an interview with the F-L-A Governor tonight (Wednesday) and understand why the Sunshine State hasn’t totally closed up shop. He dumb. So the Florida Derby remains a ray of Hope, a Bigfoot to be found, and possibly the next big Sporting Event we will all watch next Saturday (March 28). All 2 minutes of it although Tomorrow always looks a long way away from Today in these trying times...

Atlético de Compasión 17 Ignorancia FC 3



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