EOG's Best Bet thread for Tuesday, November 22


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607 Southern Indiana +7.5 -22 Pinny

They beat a veteran So. Ill squad that Vegas had a problem with last night.
Everyone back. Bonnie lost everyone.


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Arizona AG is refusing to certify the gov results, so hold the phone on the 7 u. Dems will be cast into a Kari lake of fire like the guesser and dink


All I do is trytrytry
disappointing 4thin the ZIA PARK older horse race of the year at that track. Zia Oaks then Zia Derby up next
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Since Mr. Kelly probably had a few brewskis and locked the new best bet thread...

soccer Morocco v Croatia - Sending Off
Yes +450 carbongaming

southern coach

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thanks for the heads up about utah tech. I guess "Dixie" one of those words that "WOKE" folks don't like anymore. I wish some of these Pro teams who change their nicknames would pick some that I could relate to a little more. Guardians & Commanders. Come on ... Maybe I need to enroll in a "Wokeness" seminar.


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Maybe start a petition to bring "Dixie" back into the school name.Also maybe a petition to bring back the slave auctions they used to hold during homecoming week.