EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (CHEAPSEATS is our February contestant)

John Kelly

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  1. Contestant will post 30 plays in 30 days (one play per day) starting the first of the month.
  2. Games must be played by month's end.
  3. Major North American team sports only: NFL, CFL, NCAAF, NBA, WNBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB and MLS.
  4. Full-game sides and totals -110 or LOWER.
  5. Contestants are graded against Pinnacle numbers at the time of post.
  6. Must hit 60% or better to be declared a winner of the $1,000 prize.
  7. Cannot play a game more than once or both sides of the same game.
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NBA. Play #1 going with Clev @ Mem Over 215 -106. Clev appears healthy and been trending upwards in points per game as a result. Think they take it to a make-shift home team riddled with injuries. Looking for a lopsided score.


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0-4. 74 1st 20 minutes and they go dead as total ends 129. Yesterday only 70 1st 20 minutes only to toss nearly 100 2nd 20 minutes on a 152 under.



The opening odds start here
Team reminds me of Western Carolina. Great defensive second half team. Saw this was on pace for an easy over. You have to break the ice tomorrow night.


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Durugordon Siena’s leading scorer shot 3-18, 0-5 from three. He averages 24 a game on 47% shooting, and scored 25 of Siena’s 50 points last game against Rider. He has a decent game and this goes over.


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Need a 1983 NC State type run here.
They won 3 ACC tournament games just to make the NCAA tournament.
Then reeled off 6 straight to win the title.
During that time, they slayed Jordan, Olajuwon, Sidney Green, and Sampson (not once, but twice)