EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (MRBOWLING300 is our August contestant)

Patrick McIrish

OCCams raZOR
Well he's set 1 record at least, this is the earliest the "vacation" card has been played.

I think it was week 3 when I used it but day 2????

Like the 56 game hitting streak this one will be hard to break.


EOG Dedicated
Two plays.

Two losers.

Not the start I had hoped for, this is like throwing two gutter balls!

We are in Park City, UT. Some observations, no state lottery here as the mormans are anti-gambling. The liquor stores are state run and are closed on Sundays. You can still get an alcoholic drink from any restaurant though. Things tend to close earlier too. The beauty of the outdoors has far exceeded our expectations. After a hike we ended up at the Olympic training center where the Olympics were held in 2002. A couple videos I took today of athletes training.