EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (UNLUCKYSOB is our May contestant)


EOG Dedicated
sunday may 22/ phillies + 119//// {make up game] mariners + 116. Im starting to laugh at this shit like everybody else. Hope some of you guys have made money off it.


EOG Addicted
And the novice better thinks it’s not hard to hit 60% winners. Looks like EOG hits it 6.7 % in the Summer


EOG Dedicated
don't know if you haver the records handy or not but does anyone other than myself have an unbeaten record in this challenge?

EOG GC unbeaten records:

Capper W/L
AllDayCapper 1 0
BadLeroy 1 0
BrickShitHouse 1 0
Coach Taylor 1 0
ERBthegreat 1 0
Heim 1 0
puckhandler 1 0
Rainbow 1 0
Sharky99 1 0