EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (WADE is our May contestant)

Dell Dude

EOG Master
Wadey needs Putin to retaliate for the Kremlin attack to conquer the challenge. 2-1 will be his last kunt sniff of 60%.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Jammer your an idiot. I have forgotten more than you will ever know

Rule #1 in ripping someone: Do not do something far worse!'

"Jammer your an idiot............................."


"Jammer YOU'RE an idiot."

Calling someone stupid and then posting a reply that shows your lack of intelligence is not very smart.


EOG Master
bad beat last night. 5 goals the first 21 minutes of the game, no goals the last 39 minutes of the game smh.

mlb blue jays/pirates over 9 -105

Dell Dude

EOG Master
I'll make a dirty deal with you, Wade. Start pumping out some Mr. Kelly's and I will Wayne Allyn Root for you. I'm not having this vanilla plays only shit. I want the old annoying Wade back which ironically is not as annoying and the new Wade. Start asking Mr. Kelly for another month and making excuses!