ESPN, Fox, Warner Bros creating sports streaming platform


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Teaming up to create a supersize sports-streaming service that will offer content from all major leagues, a deal that will reshape the sports and media landscape.

Geez, even more of a monopoly.

I can't wait to hear the price tag.
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John Kelly

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According to the press release, pricing models will be announced at a later date.


Where's the FTC or DOJ?

mr merlin

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That means many more football games will only be available on streaming...and it wont be cheap. Good riddance i say.


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Let's see....where have I seen this model before? 🤔

A super channel.

Anyone? Bushay? 😅


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These networks need a red zone type of channel with an emphasis on betting.

Plus the first channel that fixes Gold coverage with make their money back quickly.

Lean into anything betting and the viewers will come


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when will the teams come out with their own streaming service? I noticed the talk on Bloomberg. Stay tuned.


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Canada has something like this - Rogers Super Sports. It gets all major sports packages for roughly $40/month.


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People are dropping cable and sat now at a fair clip - because of the price, what makes these co's think people will pay cable like prices for limited streaming packages?
Yes people are dropping cable

But then adding streaming services that are now more than their cable bill


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I'm convinced the Super Bowl would be pay per view by now if it wasn't for the exorbitant fee they charge for commercials.

You're not going to get that ad revenue with streaming.