Soccer Match Saturday + 223 ...SC Paderborn hosting favored + 112 Hoffenheim; 3:30 PM LT. Saturday.
H-heim is plagued with injuries . SC Paderborn has weaker record but may be more motivated being close to relegation in Bundeslig.
Both team are having trouble scoring wins in recent games. Team that can move the ball quicker and be able to force a quick surprise play at the goal will win. SC Paderborn needs their defensemen to make some long kicks to set up a surprising scoring drive. I like Paderborn as longshot. Other opinions?
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Hoffenheim had enough talent not to give in completely. Game ended in a 1-1 tie. Not surprised, I thought about that but didn't mention in my post. Some soccer games you can make a kit out of two bets, longshot and tie, by proportioning your amounts to come ahead if either event happens.
Admitedly I am not an expert on Bundesliga but have another pick for Wednesday. Hoffenheim 2.4 a slight favorite to 2.8 Koln. H-heim has home advantage and is likely to go after a win today after the stalemate with surprisingly tenacious Paderborn.

NOTE: 5/27. HOFFENHEIM up 3-1 over Koln (Cologne)with seconds left with strong offense from Christoph Baumgardner
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