Evan Engram props


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Re: Evan Engram props

Brandon Marshall out
Odell out

Talk about Engram playing slot more.

I really hope the books don't open more than 4 rec's. Eli is going to have 20 rec's, 20% min should go to Engram.


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Re: Evan Engram props

Hoping to see over 4 Rec
With all the injuries he should be fed
Take a look at Giant RB reception props ... Vereen & Gallman in particular. Seems like Eli & Engram have had chances to hookup already in this young season (OBJ out week 1, OBJ limited week 2, all WR injuries last week) yet he still hasn't recorded more than 4 catches in a game.


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Re: Evan Engram props

The projections I use have him 5/50. I do think the books will bump them up a little because of the Giants situation.
Re: Evan Engram props

Good find on this prop. Not sure what the player prop for receptions was posted at. He did have 2 bad drops as well so this could have easily been a 7 catch game for him. Very athletic dude.

I just wonder if this is a one game wonder as moving forward the likely hood of him being single covered is very minimal given the athletes on the Giants offfense.