Every goal should be reviewable!


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Next year it will be. As well as penalties. Sharks shoulda been KOd in Opening Round. Sharks should not have won the game when they did. Let's still remember the game was tied and was tied on an extra attacker goal with 60 seconds left. So this wasn't like Vegas where Sharks lose w/o that call. IF this goal is wiped out - like it shoulda been - game was 4-4 so Sharks mighta won anyway

John Kelly

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Uh oh.

EOG contributor FORESTHILL is not going to be happy.

He's a big Blues fan and needs St. Louis to win the Cup at a big price.


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How all three officials missed an obvious hand pass is beyond me, and embarrassing for the league, first the Vegas penalty debacle and now this
It's OK to review an offsides 20 seconds later, but not OK to review a hand pass that led directly to a goal. How does that happen? Bettman is a complete fool.

You have to wait for it to happen before you let it be replayed. Idiots
Maybe one of these days you guys will realize the Bettman doesn't make the rules. ESPECIALLY of game plan. Pretty funny stuff I got to say. Just the fact you don't know that is amusing.