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The opening odds start here
We saw this in the second preseason tuneup too, and other than 2 Thursday unders to open the season that came down to last second shots, defenses aren't showing much motivation for the most part. You wonder if the lack of crowd factor contributes to no pressure and motivates players to accelerate their ability to do anything they want.
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A true rebel goes against their peers. Big time balls.

Then These Phony Kneel Downers Come Out and Say IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FLAG.

What The Fuck Do They Think The National Anthem is About ?


And All The Coward Fraud Coaches and Commissioner Go Along With Them.

BLM Painted on The Court.

Good To See Posters on EOG With Spines, That Will Never Cower.

Just Like The POTUS.


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These games are mostly meaningless, the Eastern Conference has their 8 playoff teams set, and without any home court advantage seeding doesn't really matter, in the West there's about 4 teams fighting for the 8th seed, other than those teams the games don't mean much to the other teams, so these games are looking more like playground type games, once the playoffs start you'll see a difference in defensive intensity