Eye On Poker SUNDAY FREE ROLL -- Winners ryobi88, TheDevil, bucsfan67

In order to play one one has to download the software from this site. So the names may not be familiar, but they have to have been here to get there. Another thing is that some may not use their posting handle. Count me as one.

Bruins - No promo code needed. Sunday Freeroll starts at 8. Wednesday money tournament starts at 9.

Tournaments are weekly.
So, I'm playing in the tourney tonight after downloading the newest version of the software.

I get a KS and a 10D and call before the flop.

The flop comes three diamonds, one of them a King. I check raise the flop. The turn comes a rag I go all in and get called.

The river is another Rag and the hand is over and the software shows my opponant also holding a K and a 10 with no diamonds.

I get knocked out and ask on chat, WTF?

He tells me had three Aces?

That is not what went down on my end. No more EOG Poker for me. That was bullshit.

Free tourney or not. :doh1