Fairness and Principle

I just saw that the avatar-changing thread pacman tribute was moved to the Asylum while I was typing the following, which I repeat verbatim so that it may get a more robust circulation:

Actually, if Bateman was run off for his conduct with Mrs. OSU, doesn't the same principle apply here? How is BTJ's outrageous behavior to Yummy any different from what Batty did to Mrs. OSU? Secondly, is there any redeeming social value in 2008 for this tired old schtick?
Re: Fairness and Principle

I agree too. It cracks me up that people can be so nasty then say "Well, you posted your picture...you asked for it!" Yummy never once asked to be rated. What ever happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
Re: Fairness and Principle

beantown rips me, which is fine, but what he said today to yummy is not something im on board with allowing.
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I am going to say thank you in this thread, that way the PacMan thread can get back to what it is suppose to be.

I do appreciate all the good comments that were said on my behalf. I do hope things have come to a head and things can change.


I want winners...
Re: Fairness and Principle

Yummy, you have handled this with class and I don't blame your man for blowing a gasket over it.