Falcon Sports Top Computer Program Play for June 1212


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Using a comprehensive Power Ratings Program, which can identify the Top play on the board.

June 12

Padres (-130)

Falcon Sports
Now I see the hesitation, when someone new comes into the forum to post plays. :unsure:
And I give credit where where is due. You post actual lines from a real sportsbook and keep an accurate record. That's how it should be done. (y)

In the time since you've started posting plays this other dummy has started 3 threads, listing airbets with no book mentioned or accurate lines. All the plays have lost. He doesn't post an accurate total, just starts a new thread with another ridiculous "system" name. Its been over a decade and hundreds of threads just like this. Its an embarrassment and an insult to anyone who makes actual wagers or those that take their time to post their thoughts and plays on the forum.