Falling down the Inkwell

I have not bet on the NFL profusely before for various reasons (I did 2 teaser last year, one in week 1 and one in the playoffs, they both lost...). I doubt I will bet the league this year, but I have handicapped the games this week so here are my plays! Nobody follow these, I recommend to not bet the NFL at all!

Cleveland +9.5
Broncos -1.5
Kansas City +3
San Francisco +5
Washington +7.5
Tampa Bay +2.5
Re: Falling down the Inkwell

5-1 somehow

Next week I'm leaning (If these numbers are available or within a half point), I'm not a big believer in putting in nfl plays early because watching the money seems important.

St Louis +3
NY Giants -7.5
Miami +3
Chicago +6
Houston -8
Cinci -6.5 (If it gets there)
Detroit +7

Need to watch where the lines go, seems like too many plays.....
Re: Falling down the Inkwell

No play on Chicago +6, it's +5 now so I'm not going to play it. No play on Miami +2.5. No play on Detroit +7.

Locking in:
St Louis +3
NY Giants -7
Dallas -3 (-120)
Houston -7
Cincinnati -6.5

A lot of favs....
Re: Falling down the Inkwell

3-1-1 this past weekend.

Next week these are looking like the plays...

Denver +1 (this line is obviously sort of dependent on what happens tonight...)
Kansas City +9
Washington -4

Tough week. Not much out there for me it looks like, lines will be important.
Also, sort of considering Detroit -3. Need to look into that play.