Fans will be allowed at Monmouth Park in NJ....


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Mountaineer has allowed fans in the last two weeks. Clubhouse and grandstand closed.
Main floor and out on the apron allowed.
Pretty decent crowds actually, not enough tellers working, bettors getting shut out.
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Next week at Indiana Grand, the $300,000 Indiana Derby will be held.

Strange mid-week date (Wednesday, July 8) for the race.

Fans will be allowed in the Indiana Grand stands beginning Saturday, July 4.
Sportsbook @PointsBetUSA says it is attempting to bring fixed-odds horse racing to the U.S. Company just announced an expanded partnership with BetMakers, a technology provider for fixed-odds horse racing. Efforts are ongoing in N.J. to get fixed-odds horse racing approved.
New Jersey’s Monmouth Park is on track to become the first course in America to offer fixed-odds horse race wagering.

The only hurdle remaining for this customer-centric horse betting option is gaining authorization by the New Jersey Racing Commission, a decision those involved say is imminent.