Fezzik GOY


EOG Dedicated
You have to love how incompetent Fezzik is sometimes.

On Friday, Dec 2, 7:05am he joins the FCS playoff foray with 308935/308936 Delaware/S Dakota St UNDER 55 at Fanduel. A bit later, @ 7:35am, he adds 308939/308940 Richmond/Sac St UNDER 55, also at Fanduel. Both were 3* picks.

One glaring problem is the total for the 1st pick, 308935/5, actually got bet up from the opener 45.5 at 5 Dimes & BetOnline, and never got past 47.5 anywhere.

Well, it seems he initially got the wrong game, so obviously the total could be and was, way off. And no correction text was issued to try to have clients get off the 1st pick, and the 2nd pick was issued 30 minutes later for the correct game.

For grading purposes, I have no recourse but to use a total of 47 (score 42-6, S Dakota St), and a loser. 2nd pick was 38-31, Sac St, also a loser.

Just another betting day at Pregame.com.