Final Ball Four for Jim Bouton

Crazy Pete

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Bouton was a very good pitcher in his early years.
Was 21-7 in 1963, lost 1-0 to Drysdale in 1963 World Series, won two games in 1964 World Series vs the Cardinals (avoided a matchup with Bob Gibson I assume).
But best known for his expose’ book Ball Four.

Also dying any day now is Denise Nickerson, child actress from Willy Wonka. I mention her because anyone walking through a casino has seen her on those annoying Willy Wonka slot machines, she is frequently highlighted in animation sequences on those machines.
Read the book. It was funny. Wasn't nearly as toxic as the ballplayers made it out to be. The players just didn't like their privacy violated. The outcry came from players who mostly didn't bother to read it.

Funny Jim Bouton story:
*Bouton is facing Pete Rose. Rose doubles + is standing on 2nd base. Bouton goes out to retrieve the ball for next pitch. He is now standing close to 2nd base. Rose yells at Bouton "Fuck you, Shakespeare."

Apparently, that was Rose's rallying cry rest of the year. Any time they faced Bouton: "F u, Shakespeare."