Finally....You can steal first base.....

The Atlantic League is experimenting a rule that as a hitter you can steal first base if the catcher fails to catch a pitch from the pitcher...the league is also experimenting with electronic balls and strikes....What next?


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Play against a wall with a painted strike zone. A pitcher, a hitter and an algorithm to determine batted balls. The game already is basically strikeouts, walks and home runs.


The opening odds start here
That's even worse than the "start an automatic runner at second base at the start of every half inning when games go to extra innings" idea.
This is one of the dumbest things I've heard. Let's say the ball gets by the catcher and the batter starts running to first base, but a third of the way he sees the catcher retrieve the ball and knows he'll be thrown out, can the batter then run back towards home plate, or once he starts toward first he's committed and can't go back


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They also are allowing a foul bunt with two strikes count as a foul, not a K.
I will go to one of their games next week curious if delay on the balls/strike calls.