For A Rhodes Scholar How Dumb Was Pat Haden?


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Ed Orgeron wanted to be SC's coach badly after going 6-2 as interim coach. It was reported everywhere the player's loved him
and he was a great recruiter back then. But no...too gruff for the stylish Haden so he ends up with a drunk in Sarkisian.


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The problem with college is there are too many instances where you must win with their people. Exhibit A - Harbaugh and Michigan.


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That's very true. Even sadder is SC retained a hiring committee and paid close to half a million and look who they got.
What hurt Ed the most was his past - it wasn’t the best off the field. Image is a big deal in college when you are trying to get big donations. The NFL overlooks this as they have TV money coming in every year.

John Kelly

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I assume USC was playing it safe with the NCAA.

Orgeron had a reputation as a wheeler-dealer.

USC players loved "Ed O." because he was the bagman.

Add "bagman" to my EOG glossary.