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This has been a system play for me no matter what the line is for the 3Q.

is now 4-0 vs. CLE in this series.
ORL in the 3Q by 11, 6, 4, & 7 so far...........hopefully this will continue.

Sorry I haven't been posting these, I posted my first play on this back on game 1, haven't been posting plays since because it seemed to be messing with my results......whatever, but I'm just doing way better for some reason not posting my plays.

Money is for real........posting is for fun.


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Re: FYI: ORL 3Q's

Nice...I know during the season they were great 1q and have noticed that they seem to come out of the locker room with improvement but had no idea how they were doing ats 3q. Thanks for sharing.


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Re: FYI: ORL 3Q's

hope you got on this train for game5 diogee......:thumbsup

The ORL 3Q is now 5-0 ATS vs. CLE in their current 7 game series for the E. Conf. championship.

After 5 games.....ORL in the 3Q by 11, 6, 4, 7, & 4 so far.
ORL has never been more than -0.5pts in the 3Q, based on a pre-game 3Q line.

Also to note:
DEN 2Q is now 4-1 ATS vs. LAL in their current 7 game series for the W. Conf. championship.

Anyone know of any other angles in either series hitting at a high ATS %.