Gambling addiction is just as bad as a drug addiction

John Kelly

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I know a few people here in Las Vegas who are/were both problem gamblers AND drug addicts.

Drugs are far more lethal though I'm not diminishing the dangers of compulsuve gambling.

Stu Ungar's life is a perfect illustration.
No it aint and not even close.

Your teeth wont fall out from gambling (unless you dont pay Johnny Knockdown), you will still have your health.

No one ever overdosed from parlay cards

Money comes, money goes.

And if you ever got something better to do with your time, you will do that


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Bet within your means. I have a lot of money but I am still comfortable betting between 30-60 per bet. Just enough to make watching the game interesting.


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You can’t bet with scared money % . You have to be financially secure to with stand some losing streaks. They will happen to all gamblers


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you don't have a gambling problem you have a losing problem. if you're winning do you have a gambling problem?

I have told this story before, but I had a girlfriend break up with me over gambling.

She made sure to clarify though, that is was the losing not the gambling that was the problem.
For me it does play a role. Checking scores. Watching games. Watching numbers. The television always has a game or match on. Everyday for thr past 10 years I dont think I've gone without watching sports (barring a medical issue or emergency of some sort) Money does come and go. You win some, you lose some. If you win enough you just have enough to keep going and never stop. No sane woman wants to live with a man like this.


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I agree Wish. I have been gambling most of my life. I would tell girlfriends I was working on the weekend just so I could stay home and bet and watch football all weekend. Not fair to the woman
Never tell the gf when you win, cause she will want her "cut"

But when you lose, will she give anything back??? Noooo.

Also when you win say a grand, you cant just give her 20 bucks, has to be way more.

So on a choppy streak, instead of being sort of break even, you gonna be waaayyy down

Women are the rake of life!!!!
I've never played a hand of poker in Las Vegas.

But, of course, I've paid the rake.
ive started playing at the mirage late night after Los alamitos’ final race of the day when I make my annual trip.

have won every time.

makes me wonder why the hell I don’t just play poker the entire time but I like sports and horses more...