Game 5 three-point variance


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Golden State is a 38.3% shooting team from beyond the arc; Toronto is at 36.1%. Here's the breakdown of last night:

expected 3s: Golden State 16 (42 attempts) Toronto 11 (32 attempts).
actual 3s: Golden State 20, Toronto 8

21 point variance just in 3 point shooting last night. And that's rounding down the Toronto expected 3s to 11.
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John Kelly

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Good point, Valuist.

It feels like Golden State merely delayed the inevitable.

Kawhi did not come alive until the fourth quarter and I was surprised the Raptors did not close out the Warriors when leading by six with three minutes to go.

The Warriors were +789 to win the game in live betting at that point in time.

Adjusted series price shows Toronto -350 and Golden State +280.