Garland appoints Special Council in Mar A Laga, 1/6 cases.

boston massacre

EOG Dedicated
So how many special councils does this make that have investigated Trump and found nothing to charge him with?

Its Been In The Guinness World Books, As The Lengthiest Colonoscopy Ever Undertaken, On A Single Individual.

He Definitely Has The Cleanest Anal Passage On The Planet Earth.

What The Fuck Are Those Fruit Loops Exactly Looking For ?

Maybe An EOG Fruit Loop Might Know.

Only Somebody Who Lives In That Fruit Loop World, Would Know.

boston massacre

EOG Dedicated
That's why their not going after Brandon with the 25th. Going after the entire crime family.

Brandon Set Up The Whole Family, By Selling His Office.

He Gets A Cut Of All The Kickbacks.

They Have The Documents.

But A Crooked Justice Department Looks The Other Way, Which Is Another Crime, That Is Called Obstruction Of Justice.

There Are Eyewitnesses, That Would Willingly, Testify In Front Of Congress.

One Of Them Is Named Tony Bobulinski.

Again, Not One Liberal Fruit Loop Could Prove Me Wrong.

Lots Of Pussies In The Crowd.