Glacker if you're around read this

LMAOROMFL ..... I was waitin on your sorry ass to show up !!!

Man you wouldn't believe all the Eagles f-ags I mean fans downtown today .... This place feels like Superbowl Sunday.

I'm sure it won't be the last time I here from you tonight ..

Great to see you

Well since you have new digs I figured I better come over and say :+waving-5 !

We will have THOUSANDS in the dome tonight!


Vick 32 pts in 3 games vs my beloved birds of prey. I can't WAIT for this one to start! I teased it though...we have started slow way too many times in the past.

BEAT THE DIRTY BIRDS!!!! :+thumbs-2


The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
Thanks Sport.

I am pacing myself the best I can. Got a little more responsibility these days taking away from my posting passion, but it is still strong buddy.

Glaken said:
Will be cool as H for sure ... I'll come holler in your hood after the first Vick 40 yard run ..... LOL
We'll give him one to make him feel good about his effort in a devastating loss to the NFC CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!!

When it's 21-0 we might let up a little tonight.