Tuesday, our scouts filed their advance advance scouting report on this week's matchup between the Giants and Chargers. Now they're back with a second look.

While everybody is complaining about the lack of carries that LaDainian Tomlinson is getting (19 carries in each of the first 2 games), the shocking thing is that the Chargers aren't utilizing Tomlinson as a receiver out of the backfield. This is a guy that had 100 receptions a couple of years ago, and when you can get him on the perimeter on swing passes where he can use his speed and open-field cutting, he is a nightmare matchup. The Giants' linebackers are physical , but they are not good enough in coverage. If there was ever a week to get Tomlinson going in the passing game, this is it.

? Giants RB Tiki Barber has added 10 lbs. of muscle in the offseason and looks stronger and more physical than he did a year ago, which is good because there is always a concern about Barber wearing down. However, the addition of big bruising back Brandon Jacobs may be the best solution of all, as he will spell Barber on the goal line and short yardage plays and can give the Giants a change of pace on first and second downs.

? The Giants will likely come out early in this game running the football. The Chargers played solid run defense a year ago, but they have not been consistent in the first two weeks. Their linebackers are very active, and the longer they struggle in this game, the more they may be tempted to lose their lane discipline and open things up for Barber. Also, a strong early run game will take the pressure off Eli Manning and potentially quiet a nasty and vocal crowd.

? Defenses are attacking QB Drew Brees the same way they are attacking Daunte Culpepper, right up the middle. Quarterbacks hate inside pressure in their face because it takes away their throwing lanes, and it is even more of a factor for Brees because he doesn't have great size to see over the pressure. In fact, don't be shocked if both defenses try to pressure up the middle without blitzing a lot. Manning is bigger and stronger and better equiped to handle the inside pressure, but he has not shown the ability to move around in the pocket and make good decisions.

? The weakness of the Giants defense is supposed to be their ability to stop the inside run, but in all fairness they have played pretty good run defense the first two weeks. What defensive coordinator Tim Lewis does is move his personnel around a lot to make it tougher for individual matchups. For example, LDE Michael Strahan will move to defensive tackle at times. However, Strahan will also drop into coverage in zone blitzes, especially when Lewis brings up his strong safety to play run support in the box. You get the feeling that the Giants don't feel they matchup well with good offensive lines, so they try to get it done with moving their guys around and being unpredictable.

? What is wrong with the Chargers' offensive line? This was the surprise unit in the NFL a year ago, playing much better than their collective talent level. This year, all five starters returned. They have a new coach, Carl Mauck, who is an old school tough guy who motivates with emotion, but he is not the teacher that former OL coach Hudson Houck (now with Miami) was. When you watch the Chargers on tape, they are getting out-schemed too often. Besides blitzes up the middle, a big problem in the first two games has been overload blitzes that the Chargers are simply not adjusting to. For example, if San Diego has three blockers on the left side, defenses will overload and bring four defenders, which usually means two things, both of them bad. One, the blitzer comes free and gets a big hit on Brees, and two, Tomlinson is forced to pick up the blitz instead of releasing into the perimeter passing game. Why not go back to a lot of three and five stop drops and a short passing game with quick starts and outs, designed to get the ball out quickly and negate the blitz, while also not taking a lot of chances?

? The Chargers do not match up well in this game in the secondary versus the big and physical Giants trio of pass catchers -- WR Plaxico Burress, WR Amani Toomer and TE Jeremy Shockey. The Chargers have good cover guys back with DCs Drayton Florence and Quentin Jammer, but neither match up on third down or in the red zone, especially when it comes down to a jump ball. San Diego has no answer for Shockey if he is in motion or working out of the slot. If the Chargers sit back and play soft schemes which is not their style, they are in trouble. Manning has not shown that he can effectively handle pressure and the blitz yet, and the Chargers linebackers are good blitzers. Right now they aren't making enough plays off pressure, but they have no choice in this game. Look for a very aggressive blitz package by San Diego designed to rattle Manning.

? Although the Giants secondary has received a little bit of a free pass in their first two games, it is a unit with some vulnerability. DC Will Allen may be close to being benched because of his tentative and non-aggressive play, and opponents are catching a lot of balls in front of him. This is not a natural play-making secondary, and if Brees has time to throw, he can make some plays. If the Giants decide to play some man-off and zone schemes, Brees should go to his underneath passing game with some quick outs and timing routes, but he must get the ball to Tomlinson and Gates.

Special Teams
The Chargers have been living on the edge in the kicking game so far and their usually good cover teams have shown a little bit of a lack of discipline. PK Nate Kaeding is doing a good job on kickoffs, not allowing big returns to develop, but P Mike Scifres is not in a groove yet. He needs to kick away from PR Chad Morton or get the ball high enough to create fair catches.

It's hard to know if the return game we saw from the Giants in Week 1 versus Arizona was a product of great blocking and schemes or if it was just the Cardinals' ineptitude. What we do know is that KOR Willie Ponder has excellent straight line speed and a burst while veteran PR Chad Morton lacks great speed but is savvy and reads blocks well. Brandon Jacobs also had a jilting return against the Saints where he literally ran over their first man down. The Giants are playing with a lot of confidence on special teams, and if the Chargers don't cover and tackle quickly before the play develops, the Giants could have a game changing return.

? San Diego TE Antonio Gates vs. NY Giants SS Gibril Wilson
? NY Giants TB Jeremy Shockey vs. San Diego SS Terrence Kiel
? San Diego ROT Shane Olivea vs. NY Giants LOE Michael Strahan
? NY Giants OC Shaun O'Hara vs. San Diego NT Jamal Williams
? San Diego RB LaDainian Tomlinson vs. NY Giants WOLB Carlos Emmons

Scouts' Edge
The Giants were expected to be a work in progress and yet they are a strong 2-0 (both wins at home) and right now they look like a complete physical team, hitting on all cylinders including special teams. San Diego, on the other hand, is off to a terrible 0-2 start, giving away two winnable games and not getting big plays on either side of the ball.

The "Eli Manning factor" probably won't be as big a deal for the San Diego fans because right now they are more concerned about just winning a game. Brees must get the ball to Tomlinson 25-30 times in this game, including dump off passes, while the Giants defense needs to create some game changing turnovers with some overload blitzes vs. the struggling San Diego offensive line. If Manning has to carry this offense without a run game, the Chargers have a shot, but Tiki Barber and company will control the flow and Eli will make just enough plays in the passing game with some good matchups to give the Giants a nice road win.

Prediction: Giants 17, Chargers 13