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I don't wear either. Yeah I'm old, but I still have the eagle eye.

For some reason I like women who wear glasses rather than contacts.
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No pain of putting them in
They do not rip in your eye
Some people look good in them, almost intelligent even

Pain in the rear with sunglasses
Easy to misplace
Hard to find a style I look good in :(


Better clarity
No fuss once they are in
Can wear sunglasses

Dirt in the eye :(
Losing one
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You really need this explained to you?
Considering I'll be having surgery in a couple months, I thought I'd get a cross section of input from people to chime in with their experiences, since things are not the same in all parts of the country. Thanks for your input.
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What type of weather Jeff?

Are we in the desert or in Alaska?

What type of activities will we be participating in?

Reno Paul

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Had laser eye surgery done on me five and a half years ago. One of the best things I have ever done. I can see 20-20 now.

Still need reading glasses and glasses for night driving.

I'd recommend lasik to anyone that wears glasses or contacts.
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I only ever wear my glasses....and I don't wear them half as much as I should. Contacts are great and all, but I have a lazy if I piss it off in the morning trying to put in the contacts, it spends the rest of the day glaring at my good eye.