Going To a Swimming Party

A local is throwing a party at 5:00PM est in his pool. I will stop there for a few hours and swim with the guys in the pool and bull shit and maybe have a snack or too before oming home and getting ready for somw big bets I will be sending in.

It is 92 degrees in Newark so I am going with a G- String type bathing suite and it is only 3/4 of a mile so I will walk it. I swear I better not hear one comment when I am walking there from passing cars.

Hey I am secure with myself so I can do this. I bet most of you could not parade in downtown Newark with a bathing suite on.

Most know me so they will wave and ask me who I like tonight. I hope to get arond 15 laps in too. You know what , I do not think any women are goig and that is odd and have no clue why. Hey I like swimming so who cares if they are like 15 guys in the water.



If this is your first time with the whole g-string experience, I recommend you purchase some sort of moisturiser in advance - Lubriderm for Extra Dry Skin is a good one - as the chafing of your manplaces might make you a little woohoo.

Other advice I can give would be to try not to bend over too much, and don't answer to the name Thor, no matter how many drinks the guy offers you.

Other than that, have a good time!


All I do is trytrytry
jjgold said:
Leaving now

Phila -1

very small play on Texas +102

Talk to you boys later, this wil be fun
I thought you had almost your entire bankroll in play each night? Where are the big plays? like the tennis you had going?
jj doesn't swim underwater and keep the rug dry at all times otherwise there's glue n shitt all over the pillow and stuck at night if rug becomes damp. in otherwords, coach had to doggie paddle the 7 laps and not swim butterflies like the pros do
Jimmy?? I never take my rug off, it is glue on

Hey Son have you ever heard of a bathing cap?? Man your 30 years behind the times. Mr. Hoffa my rug costed 2 Dimes and no way any water touches it.

Hey Pal last year when I was at Point Pleasant Beach 2 kids around 12-13 years old flew by me and got sand in my hair when I was tanning. Hey Pal do you know what I did?? I got up and chased them all over the beach and tackled the one kid to the ground and we wrestled and told him "do not do it again" or I will kick your ass.

Yeh I know only 12 but no excuse and then his father starts taklking shit with me telling me to pick on guys my own age and I told dad your Son got sand in my rug and its tough to get out.

15 of my boys wrestled me to the ground to settle me down, yeh 15 Mr. Hoffa you heard it right pal.
coach the photos from your new digital camera turned out great

jj wore a bikini for various reasons and scored with all 3 broads on the right at the annual pool party