Russia about to claim they have a vaccine ready in 2 weeks according to news reports....pockets full of rubles
They prob tested it the quick way - give the shot and then try to infect, way quicker than having 30,000 subjects and waiting months for data to trickle in. it's a scientifically legitimate if ethically wrong way to do it.
Hopefully. America longs for those days.
Joe Biden can help the people for 4 years.

He has a better shot at a real fix.

Not some fukked up bubble that don't help a soul.

He will spend infrastructure dollars but the Federal Kitty is pretty much bled out.

What the fukk does it matter really?

The last 12 years are a complete zero now except for the rich and corporates

80% of the population is gonna struggle for the rest of their days now, with real issues. But because most took the neverending headfakes and distractions, fought with each other, they not even gonna see it coming.

What do you want for a country who's leader spent 8 years building from the ashes countless hours on law and regulation and the next guy spend 4 years tearing it apart for his cronies and spite.

Regardless of who right, who wrong and every fukk you give now is a waste of time, that is 12 years of governance gone to shit with shit to show.

You running lame and give your enemies 12 lengths out the gate in the mud and your rider weigh 3 hundie poked his eye out with the crop waving at the crowd.

Spot prices from one year ago today; August 8, 2019:

Gold $1497 an ounce Silver $16.90 an ounce

Spot prices as of close yesterday:

Gold $2035 Silver $28.31

By way of comparison, Alphabet Class A traded at $1205 a year ago, and closed at $1494 yesterday, and Facebook was $190.16 a year ago and closed at $269.94 yesterday.
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