Good tweet from El nino


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The FBI has already debunked the false report, the rumors were started by the far right fringe group Q Anon, no one from Antifa has started any of the fires, but of course you're free to believe whatever bullshit you want. Happy Saturday!
I hope somebody I vote for a Democrat President because the party corrected themselves. It would be nice to have 2 choices. I don't cee it happening. I am proud, though, that I voted for Obama over McCain. Would do it again. I knew McCain was a pos.


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This is straight from the link you posted

"The Monterey County District Attorney's Office tells KION that they have no information or evidence suggesting that a woman accused of intentionally starting fires on Highway 101 has any connection to Antifa"

Wrong again scumbag
antifa is metheads and liberal jews like gronehel who was killed by fbi and the molotov cocktail thrower that the hero rittenhouse shot in head