Good video on current events from a eschatology standpoint

John Kelly

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Add "eschatology" to my EOG glossary.


noun: eschatology
  1. the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.
BREAKING NEWS (May 26) 10-11 Pacific
California Issues Guidelines for Church Reopenings
Chicago Mayor sends armed police squads to shut down Black Baptist Church
Erdogan: Temple Mount is a “Red Line for all Muslims”
EU: ‘End of American-led’ World and Rise of China ‘Happening Before Our Eyes’
Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans: COVID-19 Cell Culture Theory Gains Steam
Taiwan’s Denial of a Seat at the WHO Has Become Not Just a Political Concern, But a Global One
U.S. Census Weekly Virus Report: 47% Jobless, 38% No Health Care
CDC: Coronavirus fatality rate could be as low as 0.26%
Lockdown was a waste of time and could kill more than it saved: UK Nobel laureate
Study: A majority of the population may have some degree of preexisting immunity to COVID-19