Goodbye Doc Rivers.....

John Kelly

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“I’m going nowhere,” Rivers said March 19. “I can tell you that straight and up front. I’m going to be here until Steve [Ballmer] says ‘Get out.’”

Source: The Los Angeles Times


The opening odds start here
First head coach in NBA history to blow three 3-1 playoff series leads.

2003 Orlando vs. Detroit
2015 LA Clippers vs Houston
2020 LA Clippers vs. Denver

He's also lost 3 series where his teams previously held 3-2 series edges.
Doc is a hell of a nice guy, referees excluded, but how many times are they going to double team Jokic
at the free throw line only to have a wing or baseline player dive to the basket for a layup. It happened
over and over again. Lue and Doc would just turn and stare at each other. Adjustments, zero.