Guys I Didn't Know How To Give Our Tribute To FDNY And NYPD @ 8:46AM..Little Help?

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

I was taking my mom to the doctor that morning and then to get her car serviced; I was very bored in the Doc's waiting room so I went accross the street for coffee. I had heard about a small plane crash in to the Twin Towers and thought ...oh here we go again with another fanatic....later after we were driving into the car dealership ..we got it. I will never forget that day...we walked into Akins Ford and there were over 200 people trying to watch one television; there were customers, salesman, porters, mechanics....some were holding hands. I had the most numb feeling driving home that morning....I get that same feeling looking at the news the last few days in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Best to all in your endeavours today....

Jimmy Hoffa said:
Special salute for terrorists...

Great picture JH and yet another reminder that now 4 YEARS LATER still no Bin Laden killing or capture as he's able to continue to be that fear out there for the administration. I remember the line was "We will smoke em out and they can run but not hide and no cave is safe". But instead we have Sadaam waiting for trial with no 9/11 connections or WMD's and still have boys dying in Iraq now under the guise of "Freedom Spreaders".:doh1

Scotty S

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That's an easy one GLAKEN, just say a private prayer for them. I remember everyday my personal heros, firemen, righetous cops, nurses, medical researchers, disabled and seriously sick kids and all militaries who fight and die for just causes, and the unjustly imprisoned. We could fill this forum with others but those are my heros.