Guys - let's each donate $100 to the Hurricane disaster...

With each of us playing $10/$25/$50/$100/$1000/$5000/$10000 a play, let's each donate $100 to the cause. Let's get 500 people in this thread to donate $100 which would contribute $50,000.00 from eog.

I hereby agree to donate $100 to the cause. Where can I send my anonymous check which will be donated to the relief fund? LEt's get EVERYONE to put in $100!!!! we can make a difference you guys!!!

Post here if you are willing to contribute!!! if not, that is of course ok as well...
I am willing as well. Every time i see the video of the poor guy who was in shock after watching his wife get swept away breaks my heart...

Welcome to EOG, baby...:+waving-5

It's nice to have you...

Thanks Shrink! Always been a fan and when i saw Jim (and his neighbor yuri) back from the dead i knew i had to join..:+excited-
I would, but I'm doing it through my company, where it will be quadrupled after the matches.

Horrible, horrible situation down there.