Has multi culturalism ruined America?

Put your dogs on a leash, otherwise they can be dinner. Get gold,guns and ammo to fight flashmobs from ghetto. Depression is coming, you can feel it on the 4th of July. There is going to be class warfare real soon.

This is exactly what George Bush and Hillary Clinton want.

Jobs are outsourced to China and other 3rd world shitholes for 50 cents an hour.


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Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

Stock market runs the country, thats for sure. I also see a lot of people who dont want to do the jobs here anymore.
Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

Awful parenting is ruining America.

Teenagers having babies.
Teens running around with zero guidance from an authoritative figure.
Drugs/gangs/crime/young pregnancy is their future.

A vicious circle that is draining the life out of this country.
Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

the programs designed to help lower income families are the problem. ssi and disability payments to people who are capable of working are a sin.

when the government will pay you to stay home or they will pay you more than you can earn, that's a problem.

these programs were not meant to be permanent.

now back to your regularly scheduled programming


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Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

gov to blame too , your more apt to keep something ya work for , in 64 the civel rights movement thay just started giving people everthing , nows its cradle to grave on welfare
Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

I'm not going to put all the blame on the government for people being criminals and doing/selling drugs and gang banging.

Passing the blame is a game we do very well.

People being lowlifes have nothing to do with government handouts as much as it does the example the parents put forth.

It's called taking responsibility.
Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

when your government has social programs in place to reward/subsidize what amounts to bad decision-making, what do you expect...
They should do away with all of that nonsense. There's absolutely no need for any of it. It doesn't give folk the incentive to do anything productive.
Re: Has multi culturalism ruined America?

You can't penalize the people who truly need help....but I agree 100% with Costco, you need to take care of responsibility of your actions...