Have you ever joined a staking site?

Hey, I was wondering if you have ever joined a staking site. I joined one, but I'm afraid to say the name of the site. would it violate any terms? Anyways, I'll wait until someone says it's OK.

The one I'm on, site x I'll call it for now, here's how it works

I sent money from my FTP account to userxx and then you get on site x and tell the admin you did that, then you have some money to work with.

What's the point of all this? Well, you can buy shares in pros who play poker online or even live. Here's an example - if someone played the Sunday Million on Poker Stars for $250 or whatever it is, and let's say the first place prize was $250K to make it simple, if you bought a $1 share in that game, and your "horse" (the person who you are backing) won, you would turn your $1 into $1000!

That's the concept. I started with $14, and was buying $1 shares in different players, and got up to $25 on that first round of investment. So now I have $1 and $2 and even a $9 investment in the next week or so "booked".

I've only been at it 2 weeks, and I can tell it's going to be a very addictive and fun thing to do, with real potential for a real jackpot. Seems like the poker equivalent of being a day trader on the stock market.

Anyways, I know of at least 2 sites like this, I think there's a third. The thing is some pros might be on one site, but not on another site. So it seems to be that it'd be best to have "bankrolls" at all 3 sites, so you can buy into all the pros that are doing this.

I even saw one pro selling a $116 share into his action on one of the big Poker TV Shows (the big cash game with all the pros...forget the name, maybe someone can reply with that)
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been to a few, don't like any of them, stats never show how good you do in private tourneys . I told a guy once i could play 8 hours a day and he said it wasn't enough


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seems almost like touts for betting, if you were good could save up the money fast after maybe little staking
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Well, here's my results after about a month of playing with it

Invested $24 total, balance is now $16. So I'm down, but that's to be expected.

I think the combo events are the best thing to invest into - where a player will say, give me $5 for 1 share, and that player will play like 20 MTT's during the week (decent ones of $25 or over)

Invest in a bunch of players like that, should return some decent income.

The strategy of investing $1 in 1 share in a player who's going to play the Sunday Million on Pokerstars didn't work out so well. No one even cashed!

One problem is the 3% "Tax" that chipmeupcharges for everything you do - buying a share, or cashing out. Also there is this thing called "Price for Value" (P/V) on shares that you buy. In other words a $1 share in a $100 buyin game doesn't cost $1 usually, usually it costs $1.30 or $1.40. So the players also Tax you in a sense.

A future benefit to sites like this is, once you invest in a bunch of players nad give good feedback, you may be able to make an offer for OTHERS to stake YOU in a game - I haven't done that yet, but will in the future.