Head scratcher of a total for Wednesday. What am I missing?? Kansas/West Virginia

804 Kansas/West Virginia under 133

This seems like an insanely high total. This would imply that each team reaches 67 points to get over this total.

Kansas has played slower by two full possessions on the road with a defensive rating of 81.3 which is much lower than their Big 12 88.1 rating.

West Virginia has been great at home with a defensive rating of 79.9 which is much lower than their conference rating of 89.3

So how are both of these teams going to get over 67 points here?

Kansas hasn't allowed more than 60 points in any road game in the Big 12 yet.

West Virginia hasn't allowed more than 61 points in any home game in the Big 12

Someone talk to me how this game gets over this total?
What am I not taking into account in this game?
Solid call on the Under, never in doubt, it was a great game until the last 5 mins when KU pulled away
It was frustration because in the 1h Oscar was having his way inside which opened up McCabe for a couple of threes. 2h Oscar was nothing and the offense was snubbed.

it was great to watch 2 big men go at it in the paint. Oscar is just a freshmen with a 25 yr old man's body.

I would like to believe West Virginia is a good title contender but their guard play is so weak that they won't get out of the opening weekend if they face some elite guards team. They are projected a 3 seed.

Plus they havent done well away from their home court which doesn't help their big dance run.