Hey SSI/Falcon/Dog Player: Read This!


EOG Dedicated
John Kelly has informed me that there is not yet an opponent lined up for the EOG Octagon contest for July.

You in?!?!

I propose 50 plays over the course of the month with 6 days (July 8-13) off for the All-Star Break. That’s two plays a day for 25 days which should perfectly fit your Daily Double format. In fact, I will also commit to playing EXACTLY two plays per day for each day of the contest., regardless of how much I like or don’t like the card on that particular day. You are of course welcome to bring Dr. Longhair along for the ride as well.

Picks must be in a range of -200 to +200 and total units won at the end of the month determines the winner. BetDSI generously kicks in an extra $500 so you’re getting +150 against me.

It’s $1,000 to enter, which I figure won’t be a problem for you, especially since you just hit that +1500 future on the Blues. (Right?!?!)

You are not limited to MLB. You can post WNBA and Wimbledon as well. (full match sides, money lines or totals only for the tennis) All other standard Octagon rules apply.

Here’s a chance to silence your haters. If you do this, win or lose, I will NEVER say another word regardless of how many new threads you start, because you will have put your money where your mouth is and I (and others here) respect the hell out of that. The site will keep the trolls out of the contest thread.

How about it?!?!


EOG Dedicated
This is legit, JK. I'm giving this guy a chance to save some face, and I'm not doing it in an attempt to sandbag. He can get hot for long periods, and if he has a run anything like he had at the the beginning of his "What Did the Falcon Play Today" thread, the contest would for all intents and purposes be over by the all star break.

That said, I fully expect crickets...

NUT6 would be a fantastic opponent for July.