History May Occur In Mlb This Year!!!!

I can't believe that for the FIRST TIME ever in MLB that a team UNDER .500 may WIN their division and go to the Playoffs..

In case some of you don't know, it would be the San Diego Padres who are currently one game under...

What PISSES me off though is that my favorite TEAM, THE YANKEES, are currently 20 games OVER .500 and if the Playoffs started today, they would NOT be included!!!

As a BASEBALL PURIST, I am ok with this happening, but I suspect some may disagree?


never enuff

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Yeah.....and i think the Yanks will not be making it with the Indians having 7 games left with the Royals and 3 with Tampa Bay....They still have 6 games left with the Whitesox also so if the Whitesox don't wake up the Indians may be a division winner. Who would have thunk that this was possible 2 months ago???????


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The problem is there's no way around it.. I've heard some suggest that a rule should be implemented that you have to be over .500, but then what? Second in the NL Wildcard goes in? What if they're same division? You could end up with two teams who were 2nd and 3rd in their divisions playing for the NL Championship.. would that be any more agreeable?