How bout some umpire humor to get the morning started?


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The catcher thinks the ump has been missing a few but doesn't complain much. The pitcher misses one about 3 inches outside and the catcher frames it but hear's nothing and throws it back and calls for another pitch. The next pitch is 3 inches inside - catcher frames it again but hears nothing again so he he throws the ball back to the pitcher but before he puts the signals down for the next pitch the catchers says, "Are you stilll back there blue"? LOL
Bucky in the gambling world there is not time or humour.

Hey pal I am down $1550 this week and I am not laughing. Plus to make things worse I call an escort last night and she comes over and I give her the $300 in cash and she told me it would be fun to tie me up so i agreed. After she tied me she said she was going to put on something more comfortable and I heard the door and she left and with my cash. She left the cell phone close to me I think on purpose so I could call another tenant in building to un tie me.

Do you know what a dick I felt like when someone comes into my pad and has to untie me in the nude?? I was really embarassed and made up some shit that my girlfriend played a joke.

I should of known better to let a stranger tie me up.

Hey Bucky its no laughing matter. I am here to learn and to educate posters about sports betting and the game of life.

Good Luck
Good one Bucky. JJ you do your thing and others will do theirs. The guy wanted to say a joke and you start with your life story on how you're down again and that there is nothing funny about it.
Hey Casey and welcome aboard

Right now I am writing everything down to see how much I need for bills for the month and then we go from there.