How many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Pac Man

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Who knows. They would never actually screw the damn light bulb in. They would just take turns waving the light bulb in front of the cameras on CNN and saying "we'll screw this light bulb in, these things take time, everybody's got to be patient." It doesn't matter any more whether it's a republican or a democrat... the president, the cabinet, senators, governors... the TV is a parade of one lying asshole after another feeding us a line of pure bullshit. It is time to run them ALL out on their asses and to quit voting for people to run the government who can't even run a washing machine. Maybe this will be a wake up call to the people that this country has serious problems that are a lot bigger than nonsense like are two guys trying to get married to each other or some other crap.

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I agree. This was the first post 9-11 disaster test and we fukkin flunked. Wasn't Bush on vacation during 9-11 too? He just stopped by some Florida pre-school to finally graduate from kindergarden by passing a reading oral exam. He failed that too.


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this is the time to help help help the people given the current situation not to look for political agendas and set up the bashing that will effect the next set of election. That is later.

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"Though he cut his August stay at his Texas ranch short by two days to return to Washington, some said that Bush should not have waited until two days after the storm hit to do so."

The only thing this cocksukker does is workout and take vacations. I think I found my dream job. :+signs13-


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