How Mobile Apps Are Help Reward Platforms Up Their Game?


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Loyalty and rewards-based apps are quickly gaining traction because of the extra benefits they provide customers other than their purchasing, for which they pay. This encourages them to come back to the best brands with the hope of claiming another reward.

With time, global prices for items and services have constantly been on the rise. This has made customers look for something a little more than what they have paid for. If companies succeed in providing something more on the existing purchase or promise a deal during the next purchase, customers are bound to return.

Know what that is? That is enhanced customer loyalty through a company’s reward programs.

Customer loyalty management today has become a full-scale market, which had a value of approximately $2 billion in the year 2016 and has been on the rise since. Stats from American coupon website aggregator RetailMeNot reveal that about 80% of the customers stay loyal to brands with a steady flow of reward offers.

This statistic is amazing, but there is one more interesting fact in the store.

70% of the customers have more chances of being a part of some loyalty program if it is accessible through mobile devices. In short, a loyalty and rewards-based app.

The Promise of Reward Program Apps

With global digitization, mobile app development already revolutionized a large number of industries, and now are an integral part of the loyalty market as well. There is no shortage in the number of companies that make the use of mobile apps to give out customized offers promotions to their customers.

With such programs, customers look at getting points and secure personal achievements when they make a purchase through apps. The trend is even more solid for renowned food and beverage brands, who make it a point to offer their customers ‘a little extra’, thereby putting a loyalty program in place which is an absolute necessity.

There are multiple reasons why reward program apps hold a lot of promise-
  • Customer Retention
  • Cost-effective for Brands
  • Boost referral numbers
  • Single touch-point for brand offers
  • Comprehensive User Experience
Reward program apps also bring in a lot of flexibility with their ecosystems, encouraging an increased degree of convenience and personalization through their interactive interfaces.

Better Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

Customers prefer to be a part of the loyalty program benefits only when the process is simple and does not need a lot of effort and time on their part. Moreover, they prefer simple offers that provide quick rewards, something that can be easily handled by dedicated reward program apps.

When it is about using a mobile app for customer reward programs, the process is much quicker when compared to the traditional card swiping or mail entering process. A major chunk of retailer apps has the option of ordering and paying together, making a customer’s entry into their loyalty program an obvious next step.

With a seamless payment option integrated with a great loyalty experience, there is a huge reduction in the hassle involved in the entire purchase process, ensuring that the customer will return on the app for a repeat purchase, simply because of how smooth the procedure was.

Many brands and companies have their reward apps, and here are a few examples of such apps-
  • Starbucks Rewards
Starbucks offers free refills, online payment, and customized offers through its Android and iOS reward app.
  • NikePlus Rewards
Nike app has a special rewards program, which are exclusive member offers, and facilitate speedy shopping.
  • Yes2You Rewards
This app offers a point-based rewards program and is available on both Android and iOS. The app gives cashback offers based on points, which are also gifted to customers on special occasions like their birthdays.

Mobile apps are a superb avenue to ensure a higher rate of customer engagement and make them stay loyal to your brand. If you succeed in creating an app that is attractive and easy to use, it is not a huge task to take your loyalty program to a new level.

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