How much will Ohtani and Simmons out affect price?

John Kelly

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The injury to Simmons (sprained ankle) appears more dire than the injury to Ohtani (thumb).

And Simmons is enjoying a career year.

Not a lot of reaction from the betting market to the injury news.

LAA opened -114, currently -110 at Westgate.
Trout is not the superman he is made out to be, doesnt hit the aces, he feasts on number 5 pitches, whifs way too much to be considered a superstar, doesnt show up very often when it really matters


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Some crazy travel for the Halos. Play in Seattle on Sunday. Flight east to Chicago for one make up game. Then back to Anaheim for a game Tuesday night. About 8 total hours in the air and about 3800 miles.

John Kelly

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The Halos opened -115 over Oakland for their Tuesday night game in Anaheim.

Current price: Halos -123.

Canning v Montas.