How to make makeup look longer

Do not want to go out in the summer make-up, make-up do not want to go out, did not walk a few steps on the sweat, makeup is easy to spend, our life is really air conditioning to it!

We found that even in hot weather, the stars of the makeup looks like to maintain more than we are much better! For example, Zhao Liying, recently played a lot of drama, "Old nine" Yin crescent cute cute, makeup is fresh, completely No heavy feeling.Many girls think brush next eyelash eyelash is a "minefield".bimatoprost will be brushed to the skin ?accidentally, or simply did not brush , even the well-painted eye makeup has been destroyed.?Today?Revitalash?tell you some skills of how to brush the under eyelashes .?In fact, you can ?Heating Eyelash curler before clip eyelash, latisse generic buy online can help the sculpt long-lasting.?And the eyelash curler with a hair dryer can also achieve the desired effect.

Even before the heavy makeup, the overall makeup features or not particularly heavy feeling, even if the shooting is the summer.

Recently launched "We come" in the second quarter, a public goddess is also boxing and bungee! Do not spend makeup or to maintain a very clean, and completely not see any oil phenomenon.

Presumably here you have the same question with the PC sauce it! Why is the star's makeup so clean and clean it? Summer, how they get rid of Tuozhuang and out of oil it?

We do not worry, PC sauce, please go to the major fashion media star stylist Deng Hao Wen. Teach you not Chezhuang Cheats in the summer