Huge dogs vs huge favs

Saturday NHL...Canes -354 vs Wings +258 & Leafs -344 vs Sens +274. Haven't the Sens beaten the Leafs SU several times this season already?

NCAAF dogs the past month or two. It seems almost every time i look they are winning ATS at a very profitable rate. Many winning SU, even quite a number of DD dogs.

NCAAB likewise. UCLA & ORU being two recent high profile examples.

Has covid, in the past year or so, been "the year of the dog"? My impressions are that it has been a profitable one for dog bettors, even more than usual.

Will it continue?

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EOG contributor SMARTZ connected on an underdog (MMA fighter Dan Moret) last night at +425.

I bet any team or individual at +200 or more and they typically play like a dog.

Seems like it anyway.

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Baylor on the money line was a live piece Monday night.

The Bears never trailed and led by as many as 20 before eventually winning by 16.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
LA Lakers +550 ML crushed Brooklyn by 25 points tonight.

Day started with Leeds United shocking soon-to-be Premier League Champs Man City 2-1 after going down a man before 1h although up 1-0. City tied it with about 15 minutes left and I am certain you could have received far more than the +700ish Leeds was pre-game on them winning when tied and down a man. I'd be stunned if you didn't get at least +1500 or more

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The Marlins started the MLB day with an afternoon win over Jacob deGrom and the New York Mets.

I saw Miami +240 before first pitch.

The Mets failed to score a run at home.
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Dogs are rolling ATS in the NBA today. Will it continue with the 2 late games or are the favs the better bet?
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The Marlins started the MLB day with an afternoon win over Jacob deGrom and the New York Mets.

I saw Miami +240 before first pitch.

The Mets failed to score a run at home.

The Mets are 36-43 all time when Jacob deGrom starts.

His combined ERA in all those starts: 2.08.

What a waste.
MLB dogs crushed it on Winsday, going 11-3 SU for an extremely high profit day. On Tuesday they also rolled going 10-6 SU.

In the NHL favs went 4-2 to gain less than one unit. On Tuesday it was also 4-2 for just over +1 unit.

In the NBA dogs were 6-5-1 ATS. [Orlando won SU at +375 ML.] On Tuesday they were 3-4 ATS.
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the Mets are 24th in wins above for relief eh?... 2nd in FIP... ...... last in hitting homeruns....the right fielder stinks. ....alonzo whiffs too much ...there is a lot of make up double headers to do but they are still in 1st place.
MLB dogs continued to be profitable SU on the ML on both Thursday & Friday.

NHL favs swept the 4 games on Friday while dogs picked up a couple units on Thursday, including the Sabres +300ish vs Ovie & the gang.

NBA favs went 3-1 & 5-6 ATS on Thursday & Friday.
On Saturday MLB favs finally had a profitable day, going 9-5-2 SU.

NBA favs went 4-2 ATS. The two losers also lost SU, with +300ish ML Memphis prevailing at Milwaukee & +550ish ML San Antonio routing Phoenix in Arizona.

NHL favs went 7-4 to a profit of about 0.85 of a unit. Ottawa +180 won at the Habs.

NCAAF favs had a huge day going 13-5 ATS.


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leafs playing the covid canucks open up -275, got bet up to -475 and when up 1-0 were -2000 live.

lose 2-3 in ot.
leafs playing the covid canucks open up -275, got bet up to -475 and when up 1-0 were -2000 live.

lose 2-3 in ot.

I read the Leafs dominated the game. They cost me an "all in" type of bet on Away Teams -350 which pushed.

I wonder what the dog price was when the Leafs were -2000.
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On Sunday the MLB dogs crushed the favs again, going 11-5 SU for a HUGE profit.

NBA dogs went 4-4 SU & ATS for a money making day.

NHL dogs were 2-4 SU but profitable due to wins by Buffalo +250 ML over the Pens & Vancouver +300 ML over the Laffs.
"The dogs are barking in MLB for 2021...

Dogs are currently 110-118 this season for a +12.5% ROI!

For comparison sake, they had a -4.6% ROI in 2020 and a -3.6% ROI in 2019. A little regression might be due."
Yesterday, Monday April 19:

MLB dogs rolled yet again, winning 5 of 7 games SU.

NBA dogs were 5-4 ATS.

NHL favs had an excellent day winning 7 of 8 games.

In the NHL the Home goals pick at -263 ML (Pinnacle) won comfortably by 6 goals vs Away goals. BTW, I wonder if there is anyone that tracks the odds, line movements or results
on these or the grand salami.
On Tuesday, April 20:

MLB dogs had yet another profitable day, going 7-7 on the MLs.

NBA dogs prevailed again, going 3-2 ATS.

NHL favs had another + money result, going 6-2 SU. Vancouver +260 ML defeated the Laffs for the second time this week. .

NHL Home Goals @ ~ -145 ML triumphed by about 14 goals over the Away teams goals scored. Todays Pinnacle line is ATM -133/+114. GS under 23.5 -118.
On Winsday April 21:

MLB: April 21 was yet another profitable day for ML dogs which went 8-6 SU.

What an amazing run this has been by the MLB dogs.

NBA: dogs rolled 7-3-2 ATS.

NHL: dogs made a small profit on the ML going 2-2 SU.
On Thursday, guess what? The MLB dogs extended their amazing run, going 5-3 SU!

In the NBA favs had a good day going 5-1 ATS & SU.

In the NHL they were 6-4 SU for about 1/4 of one unit profit.
On Friday:

MLB favs dominated SU going 12-2.

NBA dogs were 4-3 ATS.

NHL favs were 4-1 SU. The Sabres +265 ML beat Boston 6-4.
On Saturday:

MLB favs were profitable again, going 9-5 SU.

NBA dogs were 4-4 ATS & 3-5 SU, including a +600 ML winner with Minnesota at Utah.

NHL favs were 8-3 SU for their 3rd day in a row of being profitable.

NCAAF dogs were 4-4 ATS.
On Sunday:

MLB favs went 10-6 SU for their 3rd consecutive profitable day.

NBA dogs were 4-3 ATS & 3-4 SU, including a +200 ML & a +270 ML.

NHL favs cashed going 3-1 SU.
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On Monday, April 26/2021:

MLB dogs were 5-6 SU for a profitable day despite losing more games.

NBA dogs were 5-5 SU with several SU winners, including Minnesota +389 ML defeating Utah again.

NHL dogs rolled going 6-2 SU.

Monday was a good dog day!
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On Tuesday, April 27/2021:

MLB dogs went 9-6 SU for their second straight profitable day. This included the two biggest dogs cashing, namely Cinci +229 over LAD & Detroit +209 over CWS. The 132.5 GS went way under with only 110 runs scored. Unders were 10-5.

NBA favs went 4-2 ATS. Dogs were 2-4 SU, including +522 ML OKC at/over the Celtics. That snapped a 14 game losing streak.

NHL favs had a +money day going 5-3 SU. NJ snapped a 10 game losing streak with a 6-4 victory vs the Flyers.

On Wednesday there will be a few early starts in MLB & one in the NHL.
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"MLB underdogs are seeing a +11.2% ROI in April. The performance is definitely affecting results in the experiment, but the ROI has regressed from a high of +12.5%."
On Winsday Apr.28/21:

MLB favs went 12-2 SU.

NBA favs were 5-4-1 ATS

NHL dogs were 4-3 SU

On Thursday there are 4 early (AM PST) MLB games.
On Thursday April 29:

MLB dogs rolled winning 7 of 10 SU. Both the sub .500 NYY (11-14) & LAD (16-10) lost as favorites. The biggest fav, the CWS -204 ML (G1) defeated the Tigers 3-1.

NBA favs were 4-2 ATS. Houston +778 ML won SU hosting Milwaukee.

NHL favs went 6-4 SU with three over -300 favs all winning by 2 or 3 goals. Three of 10 matches went to overtime.
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On Friday, the last day of April, 2021:

MLB favs went 10-5 SU. Overs went 9-6. The NYY won 10-0 & the LAD lost as they continue to fall.

NBA favs were 6-2 ATS. Sacramento +510 ML defeated the LAL. Unders were 6-2.

NHL dogs went 2-2. Arizona +192 ML defeated Vegas 3-0, ending their 10 game winning streak. Unders were 3-1.
On Saturday May 1st:

MLB dogs went 7-8 SU for a profitable day. The LAD continued their slide, while the NYY won again.

NBA favs were 6-4 ATS. Orlando +546 ML upset Memphis by one point.

NHL favs dominated going 12-3 SU. Detroit +233 ML prevailed 1-0 in a shootout win over TB.
On Sunday May 2:

MLB dogs were 7-8 SU for a profitable day. The 3 biggest favs - A's, Twins & NYY - all won. The LAD snapped a 3 game losing skid with a resounding 16-4 victory at Milwaukee, avoiding a 4 game sweep. The Dodgers have lost 6 of 8.

NBA dogs were 4-4 ATS. Toronto +415 ML defeated the LAL SU. The on fire Knicks continued to be a covering machine of late, crushing Houston 122-97 as a 10 point fav.

NCAAF dogs were 3-1 ATS & 2-2 SU.

NHL had just one game with TB -291 defeating Detroit 2-1.
On Monday May 3:

MLB favs were 6-2 SU for a profitable day. Over were 5-3.

NBA dogs were 4-4 ATS. Including SU wins by the Lebron-less LAL at home +4.5 over Denver in a low scoring game. The Knicks continued their hot run winning SU by two TDs as 4 point dogs at Memphis. In a scorefest Washingtion won 154-141 over Indiana.

NHL dogs were 6-8 SU, including the Sabres +215 over NYI. Overs were 9-5.
On Tuesday, May 4:

MLB dogs were 9-7 SU for a very profitable day. The Cubs +208 beat the LAD & the Pirates +217 plundered the Padres.

NBA favs were 4-3 ATS. Phoenix covered -12.5 with a 20-4 OT score!

NHL favs were 3-2 SU, but dogs were profitable as the Sabres +201 ML defeated NYI for the second straight time in 3 days & NJ +216 ML beat the Bruins.
On Winsday, May 5th:

MLB dogs were 9-7 SU for the second very profitable day in a row. The LAD lost again for the 3rd straight game & 6th of 7, being swept by the Cubs. Overs were 9-6.

NBA favs were 6-3 ATS. The on fire Knicks lost at Denver by 16.

NHL dogs were 6-3 SU, including SJ +246 ML over the Avs & the Ducks +194 ML at the Blues. Overs were 4-4-1.

On Thursday there will be lots of early baseball.