Hurricane Katrina-the Aftermath...

First off, I am feeling SICK for all the people who have been devestated by Hurricane Katrina...

I hope that NONE of you posters have been severely affected as well..

I don't think we really understand what the future now holds for many people...

My question for some who may know is how long will it take for the city of New Orleans to recover from this tragedy?

I have been there a couple of times and loved this place...

I am thinking YEARS but I haven't a clue as to how many it will take to get New Orleans almost back to where it was, because I am not so sure they can even get all the way back...:+clueless
I would say about 3 years or so

Miss casinos will be up faster and maybe 3 months or so on some of them.

I cannot believe the destruction and many comparing to WWII destruction overseas

The General

Another Day, Another Dollar
I am really hurt by the stories and pictures coming from the devastation. And, we could have another major incident at anytime. I just don't know what to say. :(


terrible shapr new orleans is in and getting third of the population are at the poverty level and most of them were not able to evacuate.i made a cash donation today to the salvation army and also donated a 28ft box truck from one of my companys i sold last year.hope i can help in some way.these people are in dire need of all the help available.god bless them.