I am just giving away scalps at Matchbook.com...

People love me here. I just offer up scalps right on the board. Mostly with MLB futures. You will see my spots as I normally have a "69" somewhere in the offering. Hard to keep my mind off of Brookie's nookie bookie. I have had A's to win the division matched. Think I sold it at -1.04, which is scalpable everywhere. Nevermind I have it at 8-1. Some Rastros to win wild card, and A's to win Pennant. Just giving away money.

Speaking of A's to win the division, time to insure this one. I have a healthy position here, wild card, pennant and division. I will lock in a profit with divison, Angels +1.41. vs. my A's +8-1. This is the highest or peak number I have seen. Also selling a bit of my Stros to win wild card. Preparing to take acid bath on Doggers. Holding rest. Super busy with football startup, one of my busiest preparation times of the year. Feel free to take my money at Matchbook.com

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They say they make 2% on your profits. So if I find a bet for 500 even money and I win they hold $10? Or is that only if you are acting as the bookmaker? I've never played at an exchange I would be very interested in others thoughts and experiences. Looking at the odds a lot of games have as little as 2-4c lines. If they hold 2% if you win thats 4-6% lines if I am understanding it correctly?
Commissions are collected on a "net win per market" basis. A "market" is defined as a single tradable outcome on an event; hence, a single game/event may be linked to two or more individual markets. For commission purposes, net losses in one market on an event do not offset net wins in another market on the same event.

Reads to me pay 2% if you win. And all of the early commissions are transfer cost rebate. Yes, I would play here, I do play here. Best number, even after commission is here at times. I give away scalps on MLB futures, yesterday I hung Stros to win wild card 3.00-1, it got scalped quick. I sell some of my 8-1, somebody scalps it. Sold a bunch of A's yesterday, can't get near that price today, almost 50 cents different. Tie up some money long term, but couple of months is OK, since I am just buying low, selling high.

If I was outside of US, I would rule the exchanges.

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