I love Chocolate Ice Cream


EOG Dedicated
Ever since I was little, I've always loved chocolate ice cream. It's my absolute favorite dessert, and I eat it every chance I get. My family loves it, too, and so do all of my friends. I'm vaguely aware that some people actually prefer vanilla ice cream, but I can't imagine why. I tried it once and it was bland and horrible, so I never really thought about it again. I was watching CNN last week, and it showed the guy who owns the Vanillan Ice Cream factory. He definitely looked creepy and he had a weird haircut. Anyone who would buy that guy's ice cream is a loser. I don't even want to know or care why anyone would ever like vanilla ice cream.
A few years ago, I met a guy who told me he never eats ice cream, he just has salad all the time. He also told me that the same company owns the factories that make both chocolate and vanilla ice cream and that they're both really the same thing. He also said the guy who owned the chocolate ice cream factory from 2009-2017 was a war criminal who ordered drone strikes in Yemen on civilian targets that killed thousands of innocent people, and no one in the news media ever reported this. He was obviously just a racist since the owner of the chocolate ice cream factory was African-American, and CNN can't possibly have an agenda. Plus, chocolate ice cream is good, and it came from his factory, so he has to be a saint.
Speaking of CNN, there was a story on there about how some weird Russian has been manipulating people into eating vanilla ice cream. How horrible! Anyone who would try to make anyone else eat vanilla ice cream is a traitor who should be shot! No one should ever be decide for themselves what kind of ice cream they should have. Chocolate Ice cream is the best, and that's final!


Long Live Wilson!
If I'm eating ice cream by itself then it's chocolate. if I'm eating a scoop of ice cream over a piece of warm pecan pie or apple pie it's haagen dazs vanilla bean. BTW, what strand were you smoking when you thought of writing this?Thanks in advance.